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Elegant Patterned Lighting for Any Setting

Light draws the eye, irresistibly. It is the ultimate design tool. Polymagic LED Glass panels enable architects and designers to paint with pure light suspended in glass. LED glass has applications in displays, signage, interior design, and as a unique illumination source.

Polymagic LED Glass panels suspend tiny LED light sources between two sheets of glass, laminated by a method that gives the glass pane strength and resiliency, and even allows it to function as safety glass. The laminating film is electrically conductive, eliminating any wires across the breadth of the glass. The result is pure magic: points of brilliant light that seem to be floating in space.

The arrangement of the light in the glass is custom-patterned for each application. LEDs can be placed in regular or irregular shapes, including logos and pictures. A broad range of LED colors are available, too, and they can be dimmed and flashed by a programmable remote controller.

With Polymagic LED Glass, you can put your name in lights – literally – or light up your entire environment. The design possibilities are virtually limitless.

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Magic with Real World Benefits

While the effect of LED glass may look like fairy dust, Polymagic LED Glass is a durable and robust glazing product. It is low-cost to operate, and has a long service life.

LED’s are an extraordinarily energy-efficient illuminator. Each LED uses just 0.06 watts. A white LED uses only 1/10th the electricity of an incandescent bulb for equivalent light output. That means a grid of 13 x 13 white LEDs would use only 10 watts, and put out as much light as a 100-watt incandescent bulb. LED’s are an energy-saving way to illuminate, and LED Glass provides the versatility to design custom lighting sources cost effectively. It can significantly reduce energy consumption for illumination, saving money and lowering environmental impacts.

Polymagic LED Glass is a safety product because of it’s strong, resilient laminating film. Like the safety glass in a car windshield, it resists shattering by holding together even if the glass is broken, and can prevent forced entry or penetration by flying objects.

Suitable for exterior as well as interior locations, Polymagic LED Glass provides up to 99% UV and 40% IR protection.

Polytronix LED Glass


LED Glass has been an enormous hit in retail environments, used for dazzling signage, eye-catching shelving and display units, and dynamic interior décor. But Polymagic LED Glass has broad range of other uses:

Architectural glass

Panelized illumination

Decorative illuminated partitions

Display cases


Doors & windows



Bathroom/shower enclosures

Conference room tables

Quality and Reliability. Guaranteed

Polytronix backs our products with strong customer support. Our products are manufactured in the USA, and we are ISO 9001-2008 certified. We work closely with our customers and installers, and pride ourselves on our quick response to customer needs. We can even provide field supervision when necessary.

Lead time for Polymagic LED panels, upon completion of ordering and payment, is approximately 4 weeks. Polyvision panels are backed by a 1-year limited warranty against electrical failure and delamination. To learn more about the features and specifications of our Switchable Privacy Glass, please read our Technical Manual.