PolyMagic LED Glass is available in large panes, up to 63” x 157.5” (1600 mm x 4000 mm). Glass options include annealed, tempered, low-iron, tinted-color, reflective, mirrored, and insulating glass. Curved glass is possible.

A typical PolymagicTM panel is made of two layers of 5mm glass with a 2.5mm PVB layer in between, for a total glass thickness of 12.5mm. Other thicknesses are possible. A typical panel weighs approximately 7 lbs (3.2kg) per square foot.

The panels are powered by 24-48V DC current, supplied by the included standard AC plug-in power supply. The power requirements of the panel depend on the number of LEDs; each LED draws approximately 0.06 watts. Polymagic LED glass can operate at temperatures from –20oC to 80oC (–4oF to 176oF). They have a proven service life of greater than 10 years.

Due to its high-strength lamination film, Polymagic LED glass passes the standardized tests for safety glass, and can be used, for example, in security applications or for hurricane resistance.

LED colors include white, warm white, blue, green, and red. Multi-layer, multi color panels are possible, although this makes the glass package thicker.

Polytronix LED Display Color Options

Available glass types (all laminated) Annealed, tempered, curved, low-iron printed colored, stained, sand-blasted
LED colors White, blue, green red, yellow-white (double sided)
Thickness 8mm to 40mm
Maximum size 63″ x 150″
Shape Any shape, including holes anywhere
Operation temperature -20 ℃ to 80 ℃
Switching time Less than 100 ms
Visible transmission >80%
View angle approx. 160°
IR Blocking 80%
UV blocking 99%


Polymagic LED panels are a sustainable product offering a simple and elegant way to deploy energy-efficient LED lighting. They have very low power requirements, just 0.06 watts per LED, delivering the same illumination as incandescent bulbs at just 10% of the energy consumption.

Polytronix is aware of the importance of limiting our carbon footprint, and works proactively with our suppliers and application partners to ensure that our glass/film products are eco-friendly. The main ingredient of a Polyvision panel is glass, a material with a well-established and widespread recycling infrastructure. Recycled glass is a regular component of modern glass-making, and significantly lowers the CO2 emissions associated with its manufacturing.

Polymagic panels are re-usable – glazing can be removed from its original installation and re-used, fully functionally, in another application

Block over 99% of ultraviolet radiation

Proven service life of greater than 10 years (10-year old installations are still fully functioning)