Light-Reflecting Imaginative Color Glass

PolyFlushTM Glass/Film appears in different colors when viewing at various angles. It uses an attractive, eye-catching material with unique presentation that will enhance your building facades and interior applications. As one-sided glass, the exterior reflects the sun light in orange, gold, copper, and yellow colors. From the interior, you can see through it and the glass is blue, green, and purple in color.

Polytronix Polyflush Interior


  • Architecture: Hotel, Villa, Office, Meeting Rooms, Shower Cabinet, Curtain Wall, Scientific and Technological House, and Commercial Building.
  • Service: Exhibition Center and Trade Hall
  • Furniture: Kitchen Cabinet, Dinner Table, Doors and Windows
  • Entertainment: Special-effect, art performing place


  • Glass Type: Annealed, tempered, curved, etc (All Laminated)
  • Film Size: up to 54″ x 390″ by Roll
  • Glass Size: up to 54″ x 120″
  • Shape: Any shade, including holes anywhere
  • UV Production: 99%