PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy products become transparent from a dormant, cloudy-white translucent state. PolyvisionTM provides creative design applications for architects and other innovative and practical users.

PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Products are suitable for use in conference rooms, hospitals (nurseries, emergency rooms, ICUs, operation rooms), bath rooms / shower enclosures, privacy clinical areas, exterior windows, optical shutters projection displays, residential areas, security windows, skylights, cosmetic counter displays, yacht, trains, vehicle windows... etc.

Top Advantages of PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy:

  • We are able offer the largest size in the WORLD, up to 72" x 126" (1,828mm x 3,200mm)
  • Lowest Voltage available, down to 36VAC, with our standard type of 65VAC
  • Best Privacy Performance as our scattering effectiveness is approx. 1 inch
  • Best Projective Performance, maintaining a crystal clear, sharp image with rear projection
  • Best Clear Condition, with VLT up to 75%(±3%)
  • Longest Experience in Privacy Glass (Over 25 years!) which is why we are the only original switchable privacy film maker in the US
  • Thousands of projects worldwide - including well-known IBM, Hilton, and more
  • Cutout, curved, shaped pieces are all available, as each piece is custom made to order
  • Divided Switchable Sections available as PolyBlinds or PolyPattern for Privacy one section at a time in a piece of film or glass.