#1 Provider of Adhesive Film in US

PolyvisionTM Self-Adhesive Smart Film has the peel-and-stick simplicity for easy installation on any window or smooth glass surface in minutes. PolyvisionTM Self-Adhesive Smart Film has a clear adhesive backing, so enjoying the benefits of Polyvision simpler and more affordable.

Limitless Applications

From living room to showroom, bedroom to boardroom, customers all over the world enjoy Polyvision in thousands of different applications. Either replace aging windows treatments or enhance new ones. The only limit is the imagination.


Custom shapes and sizes are available and multiple pieces can be joined together to create large switchable privacy panels or partitions.

Note: PolyvisionTM Self-Adhesive Smart Film is a professional product for glaziers and film installers, not for end-users or do-it-yourselfers.

Polyvision Self-Adhesive Film doesn’t create a black out feature.