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PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film enables laminators to offer one of the most exciting products in today’s glazing market: switchable privacy glass. Using PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film, virtually any window or glass partition you make can be offered as “Smart Glass,” translucent white glazing that can be changed with the flip of a switch into a clear glass pane.

PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film-enabled glass can provide easily-controllable, when-you-need-it privacy and security for both exterior windows and for interior glazing such as conference rooms or patient consultation rooms. An ISO-certified company founded in 1980, Polytronix, Inc. is the only major U.S. manufacturer of this type of film, and a leader in the world market.

polytronix us manufacturing switchable privacy glassPolytronix ISO 9001:2008

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The Most Advanced PDLC Technology

PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film is the most “private” and of the highest quality in the industry, and is internationally-known and recognized for privacy and quality by major glass companies worldwide. It is superior to imported films: it is a thicker, more substantial film package than the imports, making easier to handle and to apply, yet it’s still only about four times the thickness of a human hair. It has better optical properties, including better uniformity without the variations and blotches that mar other films, higher clarity (lower haze) in clear mode, and the best privacy (light scattering) performance available.

In addition to privacy,PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film-enabled glass panes can provide several other significant benefits for energy efficiency and creative applications. It expands your product line with dramatic functionality that is low cost to operate, low maintenance, and highly energy-efficient.

Privacy and security with architectural integrity

Eliminates need for shutters, blinds, and drapes

Ultraviolet and infrared radiation protection

Day-lighting control

Solar heat-gain control

Replacement for whiteboards and projection screens

NOTE: PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film is a professional product for glazing laminators only, not for end-users or do-it-yourselfers.  It is not self-adhesive, and is not intended for application to existing installed glass.

Polytronix Inc Switchable Privacy Glass Commercial Applications

Broad Applications

Privacy – Privacy or transparency at a moment’s notice in both exterior and interior installations. Glass with PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film can transform the functionality and appearance of

  • conference rooms
  • private rooms in restaurants
  • patient rooms in hospitals
  • consultation rooms in clinics and medical offices
  • banks and financial services offices
  • sales offices in car dealerships

PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy films also offers privacy options for private homes, especially where street views or neighboring homes are close at hand.

Design – Switchable glass eliminates the need for dust-collecting draperies, shutters, and blinds, an option that designers may find very attractive.

Day-lighting – To daylight an interior effectively, harsh sunlight must be moderated to reduce glare and spread more even illumination at comfortable levels. PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film-enabled windows, skylights and glazed doors can be switched to translucent mode at peak hours of sunlight to cut light levels roughly in half and scatter the light, providing a diffuse source that illuminates more of the room with less glare.

Safety & Security –PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film makes switchable glass that is similar in construction and functionality to safety glass. Properly applied, glass panes laminated with PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy film meet safety glass standards and can be used in security and hurricane-resistant window applications.

Temperature Control – PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy film can reduce transmission of infrared radiation on demand. Switching a PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy Film window to its translucent state during peak sunlight can help control interior temperature and reduce the load on air conditioning systems, lowering energy costs.

Multifunctional – Glass with PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy film can substitute for a white-board, maximizing the utility of a conference room, classroom, or consultation room. It also performs excellently as a rear-projection screen for videos, slideshows, or almost any projected image.

Lamination – PolyvisionTM Switchable Privacy film lamination is generally similar to safety glass lamination. Polytronix works closely with our laminators, offering complete application and autoclave guidelines, and providing technical support whenever needed.