Privacy Glass for Commercial Use

Commercial Polytronix Glass Privacy Glass Usage

The versatility of privacy glass makes it an excellent addition to many commercial properties ranging from apartment buildings to corporate offices. When your building needs a multi-purpose solution that is not only practical but elegant as well, privacy glass delivers on every level.

Noise Reduction

Privacy glass works as a great sound buffer when conversations need to be kept discrete. Standard means of soundproofing obstruct views and can make the space feel confined. With privacy glass, sound can be greatly reduced while maintaining a more open environment. Whether in your office or conference room, conversations will be contained to those meant to hear them and unwanted noise pollution won’t bother people in other areas of the building.


Smart glass can take on multiple functions in an office or conference room. It can act as a convenient white board or as a surface for projecting presentations for an important meetings. Rather than taking up walls with unsightly projection screens or wasting space with bulky dry erase boards, your work area will benefit from a sleek multi-use surface. When not in use it can simply serve as a window to exude an open atmosphere or provide privacy when needed with the flip of a switch.


Polytronix Inc Switchable Privacy Glass Commercial Applications


Office buildings and call centers typically aren’t very pleasing to look at. The generic partitions separating the work stations, while effective, are rather unsightly. With privacy glass you can achieve the same results while creating an elegant workspace you can truly be proud of. You’ll boost worker morale by creating an inviting, team oriented environment. At the same time, employees have the option of privacy in times when a more focused setting is required.

Fitness Centers

The variety of services offered by high-end modern fitness centers allow for some wonderful design options. Most offer a wide range of classes such as yoga and spin which are often held in beautifully decorated studios. These are areas of your facility that you’ll want the option to show off at times. By using privacy glass, you have the ability to make them visible when classes aren’t in session. When the studio is being used, the glass can be switched to opaque so that members are able to enjoy their class without feeling self-conscious about being watched.

These are just a few of the potential application privacy glass can offer in a commercial setting. Its professional look and variety of uses make it the perfect architectural element for any commercial property.