Switchable Privacy Glass in Hospitality

Switchable Glass in Hospitality

Hotels and Resorts

There are several locations in resorts and hotels that can benefit from the installation of switchable glass including guest rooms, main lobbies, offices and event spaces. For exterior walls and windows it can allow guests to enjoy the view from their room or get the alone time they need with the press of a button. Switchable glass is a great option for hotel restaurants, conference rooms and event areas, as it can be used to showcase the beautiful interior to prospective customers or to give your guests the isolation they desire for private functions.


Bedrooms and bathrooms are a common place to install switchable glass in condos. The interior space of your condo will exude the luxury and flow of an open floor plan, at the same time providing separation from the main living space when desired.


Switchable glass can be a perfect solution for walls and partitions in any spa or salon. It allows your facility to show off its best features to potential clients while maintaining the option of privacy for treatment sessions.

Switchable Privacy Glass Polytronix Glass Home Use


Switchable glass is an eco-friendly option for most hotel projects. It uses very little electricity, allows natural light to enter and eliminates the waste of additional materials used for curtains or shades.


For architects and hotel managers alike, switchable glass can provide excellent versatility. It has the ability to alternate between transparent and opaque settings which can be useful in a wide variety of spaces to effortlessly transform the look or functionality of a location.


Any hospitality veteran will tell you that the way your facility looks is extremely important to success in the competitive industry. Switchable glass not only has an extensive amount of potential uses, it also conveys a modern sleek look that would be beneficial to your business.

Switchable glass is at the cusp of where modern design meets high functionality. For the hospitality sector, it provides a clean look architecturally while remaining eco-friendly and versatile. It’s a change that any business will benefit from and one that your guests will immediately love.