Pixel Controlled Transparent LED Glass

PolyDigit™ is an enhanced, moving LED display unlike any on the market today.


With PolyDigit™ LED Moving Display Glass, you can play moving advertising content via transparent laminated glass. This amazing product will boost the glass industry into a new era, as both technology and architecture come together. PolyDigit™ LED glass displays can change the content freely through software after connecting to a laptop and wi-fi. It performs as an excellent promotional tool in creating attention-getting displays for retail, medical, and even advertising. Applications include: stair and walkway railings, hotels, casinos, marketing and signage, airports, and more.

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Illuminate Your Display

PolyDigit™ uses special patented technology that incorporates LEDs and electronic materials into glass for a completely new and unique application. Scrolling, dancing, twinkling programmable glass walls are all a part of what makes PolyDigit™ so unique. The lighting effects and animations can be programmed into our software so they can be changed with holidays, marketing, and interactive branding campaigns.