PolyFlush™ and PolyRainbow™

Both PolyFlushTM and PolyRainbowTM bring warmth, rich color, and uv protection to facades and curtain walls.


PolyFlush™ Film and Glass appears in different colors when viewing at various angles. It uses an attractive, eye-catching material with a unique presentation that will enhance your building facades and interior applications. As one-sided glass, the exterior reflects the sun light in orange, gold, copper, and yellow colors. From the interior, the glass appears as transparent shades of blue, green, and purple.. PolyRainbow™ Glass appears in different colors when viewing from various angles, as well. The exterior reflects light in green and yellow colors, while the interior appears as translucent shades of blue and purple colors.

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Captivate With Color

PolyFlush™ is a colorful, eye-catching material with a unique presentation. It is a one-sided glass that is a rich blue-purple from the darker side, and reflects vibrant colors with a hint of gold on the bright side. Utilized in museums, building facades, train stations, bus stops, and more, PolyFlush™ brings life to an otherwise boring curtain wall.

PolyRainbow™ is a new addition from our team. It has fluid-like versatile effects when viewed from different angles.The glass can be widely applied for application in high-end commercial, home decor, and furniture design.