Crystal Clear LED Lighting

PolyLite™ uses the same technology that PolyMagic™ does, but it creates unique glass lighting that is embedded with LEDs.


PolyLite™ places diamond-bright LEDs inside glass panels without distracting wires. PolyLite™ is an attractive and energy-saving light source with a clean and unique style. PolyLite™ is suitable for hotel lighting, restaurants, night clubs, and more. LED Glass provides a variety of unique lighting options with variable brightness, colors, and designs.

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Illuminate Your Domain

Utilizing the same technology as PolyMagic™, PolyLite™ can be manufactured in large quantities for your next hotel, restaurant, or mall project. Both warm and cool LEDs are available for the light sources, allowing you to have a warm inviting glow or a crisp, clean white light. With the diamond-like fixtures, many customers love how PolyLite™ creates such a luxurious atmosphere and mood, even from the ceiling.