Attention Grabbing LED Glass

PolyMagic™ incorporates LED light sources into laminated glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images, and logos.


PolyMagic™ is a transparent laminated glass with multiple LEDs in unique designs, patterns, and colors. Some application examples include storefronts, hotels, conference rooms, exterior window displays, inner doors/shop windows, façades, shelf displays, skylights, boutiques/specialty counter displays, and more.

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Illuminate Your Design

Invisible: LED light sources are supplied with power through a laminated glass capable of conducting electricity without any distracting wires. Electrical power is supplied by nearly invisible circuit boards in the laminated glass.

Outdoor: PolyMagic™ can also be used effectively for outdoor and curved applications because all of the circuits are laminated in glass to keep them away from moisture.

Flash: PolyMagic™ can also be programmed to flash and fade in various patterns. The flash effect has multiple control options including driver power supply, remote control, or computer interface (optional).