2019 Exhibits

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Polytronix, Inc. is currently scheduled as Exhibitors in two glass shows for 2019!  We hope to see you there!

AIA 2019

The American Institute of Architects Conference is the architectural design event of the year. This is one of the top Architecture Expos in the world. This will be Polytronix Inc.’s 15th appearance as an Exhibitor. This year, AIA will be in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 6th to June 8th.

GlassBuild 2019

This year, GlassBuild will be held in Atlanta, Georgia at the Georgia World Congress Center, September 17th to September 19th.  It will be GlassBuild America’s 17th year to gather the glass, window, and door industries in North America.   We are excited for this year’s opportunities to showcase our industry leading products and technologies. We look forward to seeing you at the shows.  If you are unable to attend the shows, you are welcome to come visit our showroom at our facility in Richardson, Texas.

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