How does PDLC Technology Work?

From our television and computer screens to our smart phones and watches, liquid crystal displays (LCD’s) are something we use every day. But, has anyone stopped to consider how this technology works? The answer is actually quite simple. 

PDLC Film Technology

In LCD displays, liquid crystals are arranged in a matrix and manipulated by an electric current to portray a specific image. PDLC technology works in a similar way. In PDLC Film the liquid crystals are arranged in a scattered droplet pattern. When an electric current is applied, the droplet formations react in a synchronized manner allowing the liquid crystals to transition from opaque to clear. 

This is the technology that is used in our Polyvision Switchable Privacy Film and Glass. In the “off” state, the film or glass has a milky white opaque appearance. In the “on” state, and electric current runs through the film or glass, causing the liquid crystals to align and become transparent. 

So why do we call this switchable privacy technology?

This type of liquid crystal technology can be easily controlled. In the right applications, the ability to change a wall, door, or window from clear to opaque can change the functionality of space. With a low power consumption of only 0.5 watts per square foot, switchable privacy film and glass can be used in a variety of applications. Spaces such as offices and conference rooms no longer need blinds or curtains to create a sense of privacy. In the opaque state 96% of light is blocked and in the clear state, the film or glass allows approximately 75% total light transmission. In other words, privacy can be created in the flip of a switch. 

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