Polyvision® + IGU

What is an IGU?

Insulated Glass Units are made up of two or more lites of glass with an airspace between them. The two lites are separated around the border of the glass by a spacer, which is then sealed together with the lites to create one unit. By having a laminated inboard, an insulated glass unit can also have the functionality and style of Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass.

Also known as Insulated Glass or IG units, insulated glass is most commonly used to control heat transfer. The air space in between the lites of glass helps keep heat out in the warmer months and heat in during the cooler months. When a low-e coating is combined with insulated glass, air-to-air heat transmissions are lowered even more.

Why have an insulated unit compared to standard glass?

Insulated glass units can aid in energy conservation and reduce sound transmission. Low-e coatings can even further reduce energy consumption and occupant comfort is improved by keeping interior temperatures steady no matter the exterior temperature or amount of natural light shining on the unit.

Combining Polyvision® with insulated glass allows for new and exciting applications. Exterior applications such as building facades, skylights, and train windows become more functional and interesting. Interior applications that require sound proofing, such as hospital rooms, bathrooms, and offices, can also be provided privacy with Polyvision® insulated glass. 

Polyvision® Smart Glass with Insulated Glass Unit
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