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Privacy – Polyvision® provides privacy at a moment’s notice in both exterior and interior installations. Offices, conference rooms, private rooms in restaurants, hospitals, clinics and medical offices, and banks are only a few of the locations where Polyvision®  glass can transform the functionality and appearance of the space. Polyvision®  also offers privacy for private homes, especially where street views or neighboring homes are close at hand, and it eliminates the need for dust-collecting draperies, shutters, and blinds.

Safety & security – Polyvision®  is constructed like laminated safety glass. The film laminated between the glass prevents shattered glass from flying and scattering after a severe impact, keeping the window intact. Polyvision®  panels meet safety glass standards and can be used in security and hurricane-resistant window applications.

Multifunctional – Polyvision®  glass performs excellently as a rear-projection screen for videos, slideshows, or almost any projected image. It can also substitute for a white-board, maximizing the utility of a conference room, classroom, or consultation room.

Day-lighting – To daylight an interior effectively, harsh sunlight must be moderated to reduce glare and spread more even illumination at comfortable levels. Polyvision®  windows, skylights, and glazed doors can be switched to translucent mode at peak hours of sunlight to cut light levels roughly in half and scatter the light, providing a diffused source that illuminates more of the room with less glare.

Temperature control – Polyvision®  windows reduce transmission of infrared radiation on demand. Switching a Polyvision® window to its translucent state during peak sunlight helps control interior temperature and reduces the load on air conditioning systems, lowering energy costs.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 – Polytronix, Inc., is certified for manufacturing of Polyvision® Film and Laminated Glass Displays.

SGCC – Polyvision® Film is a SGCC approved interlayer and has been tested to ANSI Z97.1.

Made in the USA
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