Polytronix Privacy Glass

Compatible Hardware and Framing

PDLC switchable privacy glass and film products can be used with a host of compatible hardware and framing, including automatic doors, manual sliding doors, folding doors, modular wall systems, and window framing. Although Polytronix, Inc., Film and Glass Division doesn’t provide the hardware, we do offer a list of hardware that is compatible with our smart glass products.

  • Dirtt
  • Stanley
  • Dorma
  • CR Laurence

  • Assa Abloy
  • HAWA
  • KL Megla
  • Horton

PolyvisionTM Smart Glass and Film is a versatile, and aesthetically pleasing solution for privacy, partitioning, display advertising, and much more. Control Polyvision with an ON/OFF switch, remote control, motion detector, home automation system, or smart device app.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Manual Sliding Doors

Folding Partition and Doors

Modular Wall Systems

Window Framing

Frameless Folding Doors

(no rails, minimalist design)

Emerging Trends

In addition to the commercial applications noted above, there are some other emerging trends regarding use of this technology, including residential retrofits. Industry leaders are also seeing increased use of the technology with rear projection on the glass, privacy folding partitions for boardrooms (open concept), as well as an uptick in usage in health-care environments as a means of infection control.

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