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Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass and Film is a versatile, and aesthetically pleasing solution to replacing blinds, curtains, projection screens, and whiteboards. Interior Designers, Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors have used Polyvision in the following applications, but not limited to, Commercial, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, residential, and Automotive. Polytronix, Inc. Film and Glass Division has been the leading innovator of design and manufacturing of Switchable Privacy Glass and Film since 1986. The wide range of uses will continue to expand as innovators seek new applications for this versatile material.  


Many business sectors are utilizing switchable privacy glass to improve performance and protect intellectual property.  Office glass surfaces can instantly be transformed into a rear-projection screen, perfect for presentations and video conference calls, while still providing privacy when needed. Transform standard float glass into high quality, state-of-the-art multi-purpose smart glass that is absolutely environmentally friendly.  Polyvision® gives retailers the ability to transform their building facades into innovative advertising platforms.  

Higher Education

Polyvision® Switchable Glass is changing the way classrooms and lecture halls are being designed. Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass can activate during exams or conferences with students, and can also give peace of mind in the university office from neighbors simply looking over their desk and potentially collecting student data. While also using switchable privacy glass as a rear-projection screen for videos, and slideshows. Furthermore, Polyvision® with Ballistic Glass can help prevent injuries and deaths during an active shooter situation for both public and private education.  The installation of switchable glass allows for the creation of flexible work spaces and creates multi-functional spaces that can be adapted throughout the day.  


Medical facilities such as hospital rooms, dental offices, and clinics require privacy and versatility. No hospital approved curtains on the market today, stay Germ-Free without expensive cleaning products. The CDC confirmed that curtains in hospital rooms become persistently contaminated once they are hung in a patient’s room. Most recently, we are working with Assa Abloy to upgrade hospital room entrances.


The hospitality industry is constantly changing and evolving with the needs of guests and employees.  

Cleanliness has long been a factor in hotel’s rating and customer satisfaction. Polyvision® is simple to sanitize, while fabric curtains can rapidly become contaminated with microorganisms. Polyvision® allows hotel guests and employees to choose when they want privacy or transparency to enjoy the view.  


Switchable privacy glass is on the cusp of becoming an established element in residential applications. The ability to switch between a transparent and opaque state with the flip of a switch and without the need for blinds, shutters or curtains has obvious appeal for modern homeowners. The product can be used in a number of ways inside the home, from bathroom and shower doors to windows, walls and skylights, providing privacy when required but allowing natural light to flood into rooms when not. Switchable privacy glass complements current interior design trends such as open plan living and bi-folding doors while retaining a sense of individuality and style. 

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass

Privacy in your office or home is important, yet many of us are willing to give up the security and privacy of seeing through glass, that can be switched between transparent and opaque. Polyvision® is energy efficient, has excellent features, and it enhances the look and feel of your interior or exterior glass applications.  

Control Polyvision® by using a switch, remote control, motion detector, home automation system and smart device app.  

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