Customized Privacy

Electronic Curtains Switchable Privacy Film

Patented technology that divides Polyvision® Switchable Film also known as Smart Film into sections and even patterns, without visible wires. Program sections to be opaque, while others are clear. Cutting down on germs and allergens and reducing cost by removing fabric curtains and blinds that harbor pathogens, since they are frequently touched, and infrequently cleaned or replaced.

Polyvision Next Level

PolyBlind, Electronic Curtains Switchable Privacy Film and Glass takes our bestselling Polyvision® Smart Glass, into divided sections that could replace curtains and/or shutters. PolyPattern can be customized with logos, designs and more. Customized images to divide Polyvision Switchable Films into sections.

Create Boundaries Not Barriers

Rapid advancements in smart building materials are improving building safety and sustainability standards worldwide, with adoption set to increase dramatically after the COVID-19 outbreak. Coronavirus pandemic may fade, awareness of the spread of infection will help cut down on germs and allergens. Like Polyvision®, PolyBlind and PolyPattern are more hygienic than curtains, while providing the option for privacy when needed. Switchable Privacy Glass products, Polyvision®, PolyBlind, and PolyPattern glass allows space to maintain an open, connected interior while also providing a barrier against droplets that could spread pathogens.  Although social distance is only a temporary necessity but important to create space that allows people to spread out.

Widespread implementation of touchless technologies was on the rise even before COVID-19 outbreak hit. All our switchable privacy products controllers can be manual and automatic, and all controllers are customized. Open plans might be over, but that’s a good thing. New agile office interiors will be more adaptable and sustainable, minimize the spread of infection, all while providing employees with the openness they need and the privacy where and where they want it.

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During this pandemic, this is a prime opportunity to renovate existing projects and plan accordingly for all future projects. Even though, our Switchable Glass Products (Polyvision®, PolyBlind, and PolyPattern) will not eliminate the spread of coronavirus, it can certainly contribute to long-term containment measures and minimize the possibility of spreading diseases and germs, like fabric curtains.

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