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Advertise, get discretion and block out sun glares, or keep windows transparent for a clearer view. Polyvision® Smart Glass allows the end user to utilize 100% of all Glass windows. Ideal for offices, retail, health care units, private residents, travel and transportation industry. Adding a modern touch to architectural design while providing innovative solutions.  

Office glass surface can instantly be transformed into a rear-projection screen, perfect for video conference calls, presentations, or trade-shows. Convert standard glass partition walls into high quality, state-of-the-art projection screens, that would eliminate the need for traditional projection screens and dry erase boards. Environmentally friendly by reducing the waste associated with manufacturing curtains or drapes and blocks more than 99 percent ultraviolet light.

Retailers can transform building facades into innovative advertising platforms with the ability to generate time-based, targeting messages, while reinforcing their brand message with on-going and updated campaigns and promotions. Revolutionize retailer storefront windows into a multifunction, projection screen that allows you to program or live stream customized images, videos or text to interact with today’s shoppers.

The healthcare industry can easily eliminate fabric and disposable curtains that accumulate bacteria, decompose over time, and create recurring costs by substituting Polyvision® that is sterile, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Healthcare can utilize their high-precision medical monitors with rear-projection on Polyvision®. Furthermore, the hospital doctors and nurses can stand in front of the rear-projection without casting shadows.  

In-home entertainment with Polyvision® Switchable Smart Glass can easily replace tv screens, to give your home a modern look and feel, and it is so easy to maintain. Even before the coronavirus outbreak forced companies’ hands to encourage or mandate employees to work from home, work from home benefits had already doubled in the last decade. With the estimate of 22% of the workforce will work remotely by 2025, there is a great demand for privacy space inside residential homes with fewer walls and larger, multifunctional rooms by converting into one fuse environment. 

Travel entertainment is simplified with discrete projection on any glass surface to share your message with world travelers by maximizing the use of glass windows, with a flip of a switch. Polyvision® was unveiled at the Taiwan High-Speed Rail Exploration Museum, in 2017, which offered touch panel sensor with rear-projection of the history of high-speed rail, documentaries, and slide shows. The travel industry, such as airports, train, bus stations, control rooms, and visitor attractions would benefit greatly with high-end projection and Polyvision® Smart Glass

Advertising on commercial or private vehicles, sun shading for all windows or panoramic sunroofs with IR blocking capabilities. Glass Advertising Trucks using flat glass with products behind it are in all major cities, upgrading these to Polyvision® with a projector would give you a rolling display for an even greater array of adversity opportunities. 


 Don’t let anything stand between you and your view. Upgrade glass windows in offices, store fronts, sliding doors, anywhere you have glass windows. Polyvision provides privacy on demand while giving your windows a minimalistic appearance.  

Polyvision® Smart Adhesive Film and Glass is ideal for any space looking to make full use of glass surfaces, while generating HD quality projections for entertainment, advertising, presentations and discretion all-in-one.  

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