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9 ways our Products will Lead Your Company into the Next Century

Appealing to today’s shoppers, while adequately marketing your brand with an ambitious edge is crucial. Digital advertisement has taken over the internet, and traditional brick-and-mortar businesses are continuing to revolutionize their space, giving their consumers a one-of-a-kind branded experience from the moment they walk in front of their store window to actually walking in and purchasing an item.

Polyvision® Privacy Glass, also known as smart glass, can inspire retailers to revolutionize their storefronts into a transparent display, increasing brand awareness, walk-ins, and sales. Polyvision® glass switches from opaque to transparent in milliseconds, with just a flip of a switch. When in the opaque state, the glass can be used as a HD projection screen for engaging and energetic advertisements for today’s shoppers. While in transparent state, shoppers can look into the store without an unobstructed view.


In a flash, revolutionize your storefront window into a multifunction, projection screen that allows you to program or live stream customized images, videos and text to interact with your shoppers. Polyvision® switchable privacy glass means energetic messages are continually communicating and still showcasing your brand and merchandise.


Envision a world where you have ads that are always and automatically changing, and you can erase the headaches associated with the obsolete window stickers, which overtime will start peeling, and fading. Production turnaround times and work force all to modify a simple window sticker sale sign. Sale Advertisements via projection, using Polyvision® switchable glass, enhances your in-store marketing by displaying images and videos with the widest viewing angle on the market. Fascinating customers from all viewpoints from your storefront to cash register.


Redesign your storefront without losing the use of your valuable space. Usually changing storefront displays usually involves draping a large opaque black sheet over the storefront window, or simply having an employee become a part of the display to make the changes while shoppers are walking by. Polyvision® privacy glass storefront, gives you the power to quickly switch it from clear to opaque for full privacy while you are redecorating, you can project videos, advertisements, and even an invite to customers to come back at a certain time to see the reveal.


Not interested in replacing your existing storefront windows, but still interested in advertising, try Polyvision® Adhesive Film, which is a smart film that can be cut to any shape or size, and applied onto existing storefront glass, by simply removing the adhesive masking and applying. Our Polyvision® Adhesive Smart Film offers all the unique characteristics of Polyvision® laminated Privacy Glass without replacing or installing new floating storefront glass


Fitting room fabric curtains are not only obsolete, high maintenance, and expense, but also attract germs and bacteria. Replacing fabric curtains with Polyvision® switchable privacy glass can eliminate hygiene concerns and the increasing cleaning costs. Easy to clean with an elegant and polish look, smart glass for fitting rooms indicate room availability when transparent, then switching to opaque as customers, either close the door or turn the lock. Emphasize ads and messages while engaging shoppers with read projection onto fitting room glass door.


Displaying your merchandise in your storefront glass when you are closed without jeopardizing store security. Switch Polyvision® Smart Glass to opaque, and use it as a projection screen to show images of your merchandise. Polyvision® multipurpose function and flexibility offer the ideal security protection for inventory protection, while Polyvision® film offers the freedom to use your storefront as an interactive and live advertising outside of store hours.


Create subtle exquisite messages that float on the storefront window without obstructing viewer’s eye from your merchandise. PolyBlind Switchable Smart Blinds or Shades, with programmable sections that can be transparent or opaque without visible wires. With either our standard sections or custom sections, this allows the user to choose which section is on and which section is off.


Add interaction to your display cases, with PolyBlind and/or Polyvision®, by using motion detection sensors that turn on that section of the display case, when a customer walks buy. Both can be used in a glass merchandise display case, even frameless and sub counter options. This is a great way to have memorable displays of your store’s merchandise to attract today’s shoppers.


Upgrade your store’s plain storefront signs, with PolyMagic LED Glass, by adding your logo, slogan, motto, or all three in beautiful LED lights without distracting visible wires. PolyMagic LED Glass can also be programmed to flash and fade in numerous patterns to your attention-grabbing storefronts. As an excellent promotional tool with the flash effect has multiple control options including remote control or computer interface.

Polytronix, Inc Film and Glass Division supports endless freedom for interactive and targeted advertising, while increasing security and inventory retention. With a flip of a switch, or automatically synchronized transitions, Polyvision® privacy glass transforms idle storefront glass into a medium that aesthetically upstages promos, sales, and merchandise.

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