How does switchable privacy glass work?

What is Switchable Privacy Glass?

Switchable Privacy Glass is an electric privacy film (smart window film) laminated with glass. The electric privacy film contains liquid crystals that align to an applied electric field, creating transparency (On state). When the electric field is removed the liquid crystals scatter the light making the glass to appear opaque (Off state).  The Switchable Privacy Glass operates in mere seconds creating privacy with a flip of a switch, while adding unique design value and versatility to any space.

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass and PolyBlind create visual attraction to interior and exterior design without any distracting shutters and drapes. From a modern, but practical point of view, a remote controller combination offers the customer an easy and high-tech control feel from a distance.

Polyvision® and PolyBlind Film are laminated between two panels of glass.  Each panel will have a 1/8” clear glass area, along all edges, which seals the Polyvision® film into the glass.  A ¼” clear space from film edge to glass edge is recommended for doors and wet area applications.

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Film and Glass are rigorously inspected for quality and clarity.  Polyvision® inherently possesses some level of “haziness” and would not exhibit the same level of clarity as regular float glass.

Polyvision® Smart Film is a recognized component with Intertek (ETL 5016906), which is conformed to UL 962.

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass panels are designed for commercial and residential application using 120 VAC primacy power and a minimum of 15 Amp Circuit Breaker, that is equipped with ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection for our power supply.  Each Polyvision® panel (up to about 60sqft) are connected to a 65V output step down transformer.   We do advise that when you purchase Polyvision®,  that you also get the recommend power supply and timer. Our supplied power supply is UL Listed (E328181) in the United States and Canada.

Why 65V output?

Our custom liquid crystal matrix is saturated at 65 volts. If you plugged Polyvision® directly into a wall outlet, this wouldn’t only void the warranty, but also shorten the life span of Polyvision®.  The 65V power supply gives our customers optimal haze, and energy efficiency, which makes the possibilities endless.

While we can provide wiring diagram examples for the operation of Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass panels, we assume no liability for the wiring of any products.  We recommend that the Purchaser or the Purchaser’s designated agent consult with a licensed electrician for compliance with the local building codes and professional electrical system wiring.

Wiring Diagram Examples

For complete systems, UL system Approval is available through the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Field Evaluation of an Electrically Controlled Glass Panel System at the customers’ option and expense.

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