Polyvision® Smart Glass Hospital Guide

How many GERMS are on your Hospital Curtains?

Studies by LiveScience, ScienceDaily, and the CDC, confirm that curtains in hospital rooms became increasingly contaminated once they are hung in the patient’s room. There is a potential danger as newer, drug-resistant bacteria evolve, providing a challenge to health-care professionals to limit the spread of outbreaks. Hospital curtains are changed when the patient is discharged. Overtime, no hospital curtains on the market today, stay Germ-Free.

Privacy may not be the only thing hospital curtains give patients. #smartglass #switchableprivacyglass #thisorthat

Polyvision® in the Healthcare Industry

Polytronix, Inc.® Film and Glass Division found a predicament when reviewing the healthcare industry. The predicament is Germs. Polyvision® Smart Glass is the answer for infection control for patients and health care professionals.

Unique Setting for Privacy in the Healthcare Industry

Maintaining patient privacy in the hectic confines of the emergency room has always been a concern and dilemma. The Federal government raised the stakes, in 2003, with their new privacy requirements of HIPAA went into effect. Healthcare professionals in the emergency department has an increase of breach of patient confidentiality, than any other department. Polyvision® Switchable Smart Glass creates an immediate interactive environment with patients and hospital professionals. 

Bacteria and Germs Outbreaks is still a Huge Problem

Polyvision® Switchable Smart Glass is virtually germ-free, unlike traditional curtains that are hard to maintain, as well as a source of infectious germs. Polyvision® is easily cleaned with alcohol, contrary to hospital curtains that need to be launder and replace constanting overtime. Polyvision® allows healthcare professionals, family members, and friends to easily check on the individual in care with just a flip of a switch, Polyvision® turns transparent.

Maintain cleanliness and Prevent Infections

Hospitals generally contain and spread the most germs, viruses, and bacteria. To maintain the highest cleanest, to protect patients, visitors, and healthcare professionals from invisible contamination. Unlike hospital curtains, infections on Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass can be removed nearly 100%, which ensures no contamination. 

Invest in Polyvision®

Polyvision® provides privacy and germ-free environment that fits perfectly into any hospital application. You are only limited by your imagination. Protect your investment, by protecting your healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors.  

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