Polyvision® in the Healthcare Industry

Polytronix, Inc.® Film and Glass Division found a problem in the healthcare industry and Polyvision® Smart Glass windows are the solution. The problem is that patients are often getting their recovery time interrupted by healthcare staff coming into their rooms to check their viral signs. 

Perspective of the Patient

Most patients choose their healthcare facility based on their insurance coverage, location, environment, and doctor’s knowledge.  In-patient care facilities are typically single patient rooms, in order to obtain comfort and privacy while trying to recover under the direct supervision of the doctors, nurses, and staff.

Perspective of the Health Professional

Health Professionals constantly check on the status of all their patients, over the years, health professionals have tried to limit the number of interruptions into a patient’s privacy room.

Polyvision® is the Solution

Polyvision® Smart Glass Windows is the solution to the privacy problems in the healthcare setting that creates an environment which meet the requirements of both patients and health professional. Polyvision®, in is off state, creates a privacy, quiet, and isolated area for the patient to recover, without being distracted by the health professionals in the hallways. If the health professional needs to check the status of the patient, or the patient has called for a health professional, a simple switch and turn on the Polyvision® to become transparent. Not only does this offer privacy, Polyvision® is also a great form of infection control for health professionals.

Smart Glass Windows

Are you going to work on a health care center project? Polyvision® is your best solution!

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