Polyvision® in Emergency Room

Emergency department are unique setting for privacy in the health care industry. Maintaining patient privacy in the hectic confines of the emergency department has always been a dilemma and concern. When the federal government raised the stakes in 2003, when the privacy requirements of the HIPAA when into effect, healthcare professionals had to make a reasonable efforts to the disclosure of health care information.

It is an issue that comes up day-to-day in the emergency department… You are taking on the telephone to doctors and families. There are families in the hallways and patients who are listening to those conversations.”

Jon C. Olsen, MD, Lutheran Gerenal Hospital in Park Ridge, IL

A survey of 440 patients who were seen in the 600 bed emergency department (Acad Emerg Med 2002;9:384-a) to evaluate whether their privacy was breached at any point during their stay. Conclusion was 33% of the conversations overheard at the nurses’ stations, 19% in the hallway, and 48% in an adjacent room.

perceived breaches of confidentiality frequently occur during ED visits in both curtained and walled rooms, although patients perceive walled rooms to provide more privacy. Health care providers in the ED need to be aware of breaches in confidentiality and privacy as our patients deserve the utmost in respect of their privacy during their ED visit.”

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass would be the number one solution for creating better privacy in the emergency room.

Polyvision® creates an immediate interactive environment with patients and hospital professionals!

Polyvision® switchable smart glass can create privacy at a flip of a switch. Arriving patients could walk into a comfortable and spacious emergency department, before entering into a private, germ-free environment created by Polyvision® switchable smart glass when patients are being diagnoses. Polyvision® can transition in a matter of milliseconds from opaque to transparent and vis versa. Polyvision® Switchable Smart Glass can provide:

  • Best Environment
  • Privacy Control
  • Quarantine Infection
  • Germ-Free
  • HIPAA Approved

Are you currently designing a hospital, upgrade your emergency room with Polyvision® Switchable Smart Glass. Inquiry Today!

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