Our Technology – Polyvision®

Since we created our first smart film in 1986, smart glass technology has evolved over the years, at that time the Film & Glass Division of Polytronix, Inc.® was established. Over the last 30 years, we have seen a rapidly expanding smart glass industry, as more and more architects and designers are using this state-of-the-art technology to enhance a wide range of applications. Our technology, Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Film & Glass provides the users with greater privacy benefits than other smart glass technologies. Polyvision® uses a liquid crystal technology known as polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) technology, which is sandwiched between two layers of glass.

Liquid Crystal Technology is the same technology as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD’s) that we use on a daily basis. Smart phones, Televisions, computer screens and smart watches use LCD’s technology. For less than running a coffee pot, PDLC used only 0.5 watts per square foot. Creating a sense of privacy or open concept, Polyvision is the solution, with 96% of light blocked in the opaque state, and 75% total light transmission in the clear state. Privacy can be created at the flip of a switch. 

Polyvision® Smart Glass does inherently possess a slight level of “haziness” and would not exhibit the same level of clarity as regular float glass. The haziness can increase at wider viewing angles. 

Polyvision® Top Ten Benefits

  1. Offers Privacy on Demand
  2. Bulletproof
  3. Projectable
  4. Safety Glass 
  5. Environmentally Friendly
  6. UL Recognized Component
  7. Eliminates the need for dust-collecting draperies, shutters, and blinds
  8. Reduce the load on air-conditioning systems, lowering energy cost
  9. Reduces Materials Consumption (fabric waste)
  10. Blocks more than 80% of infrared and more than 99% ultraviolet radiation
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