Why Quality is Important?

Polytronix, Inc.® believes in providing the highest quality smart glass products in the industry and on the market.

Polytronix, Inc.® Film & Glass Division


  1. Sustainable management
    1. Investment in quality of product 
    2. Investment in Customer Service
    3. Investment in Employee
    4. Not playing money game
  2. Trustable company
    1. 35 years company
    2. Provide 3 years Warranty
    3. Clear company Infrastructure
      • Easy to direct you to the right person to solve your problem quickly.


  1. Safety
    1. Electrically safe
    2. Best use in hospital, restroom, yacht, could sustain in temperature and moisture environment
  2. Quality Certified
    1. Inspected annually
    2. Every component is detailed and carefully made
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