Privacy Solutions for Glass Doors

First impressions happen before a customer opens your business entrance. Business entrance doors are like a welcome mat, with company name and no privacy protection on the glass. Polyvision ® Switchable Glass can offer an open concept with privacy on demand. The best news? Polyvision® Electronically Controlled Switchable Glass can be added to existing glass or upgraded with new glass doors. Polyvision® Switchable Glass comes with a three-year warranty, while Polyvision® Adhesive Film comes with no warranty.  

Why Adding Privacy is a Bonus

Architects and Interior Designers enhance basic glass doors and/or windows with Polyvision®. The most common glass type that businesses use is tempered glass because of its energy-efficiency, and the safety when it shatters. Tempered glass, also known as, “safety glass” has great advantages and is heat resistant; used in everyday items such as ovens, coffee machines, computer screens, windows, shower doors, and that mobile phone in your pocket.  

The options cover full frame, top/bottom rails, hinges, or patch 

Polytronix, Inc Film & Glass Division recommends to apply no more than 4 ft-lb (torque) of force when tightening screws. For Option C, D, & E the axial alignment should be perfect to prevent cracks and delamination down the road. For Option B, C, & D the gaskets should be removed and approved, neutral-cure silicone glue applied from the top and/or bottom rails. Although hardware and framing are not provided, we do recommend a list of hardware that are compatible with our Polyvision® Electronically Controlled Switchable Glass:

  • Assa Abloy
  • CR Laurence
  • Dirtt
  • Dorma
  • HAWA
  • Horton
  • KL Megla
  • Stanley

Learn more about Compatible hardware here.

Learn about our Privacy Solutions

Polyvision® Switchable Film and Glass is a versatile, and aesthetically pleasing solution for privacy, partitioning, display advertising, so much more. Furthermore, Polyvision® can be controlled with a simple on/off switch, remote control, motion detector, home automation system, and smart home app.  

How can Polytronix, Inc. help when upgrading your business glass doors and windows?  

Inquire Today for Privacy Solutions for Glass Doors and Windows. 

Polytronix® Polyvision® Electronically Controlled Switchable Glass is a robust product that when properly installed and operated will provide many years of service. Polytronix® provides a 3 year Limited Warranty, that applies to product failures resulting in manufacturer’s workmanship or defective materials. Selection of hardware and installation are the responsibilities of the Purchaser.

Polyvision® is recognized component, and conforms to the UL 962 Standard, Polyvision® is also an Accepted Interlayers according to SD-99.

Quality Glass Made in the USA

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