What is PolyMagic? LED Film/Glass

PolyMagic™ LED Film/Glass is a exclusive patented technology that integrates LED light sources into a conductive film that must be laminated in between glass to create unique patterns, images and logos. 
It serves as an excellent means of separation and advertising to create attention-grabbing displays and shop windows. 

Examples of applications include stores, hotels, conference rooms, store exteriors, door/store interiors, facades, shelving displays, skylights, boutique/specialty counter displays. 

The LED light source is powered through a transparent conductive foil without cumbersome cables. Electrical energy and signal transmission is through a transparent conductive coating on the PolyMagic™ LED film/glass. 


Max Size:1480x2980mm 

LED Color:Red, Blue, White, Green, Warm-White 

LED Arrangment:Customized 

Power Comsuption:Less than 1W per square meter. 

PolyMagic™ LED Film/Glass can be customized with logos, any text or patterns to create unique patterns, images and logos. These displays serve as excellent partitions, advertising tools and shop windows. 
PolyMagic™ can also be programmed to blink and fade in different patterns. The flash effect has multiple control options, including driver power, remote control, and computer interface. 

LED Film/Glass

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