Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer 

Switchable Privacy Glass ordered thru Polytronix, Inc. Film and Glass Division, is proud to be the only privacy film manufacturers in the United States and with our US based Glass Manufacturing Companies, allows us as a team to be the only US based, switchable privacy glass manufacturer.  

Polytronix, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of switchable privacy glass solutions for buildings and homes of all types. We offer a wide range of products that include standard styles such as laminated glass or tempered glass as well as unique styles like low-e coated glass insulating units and curved laminated glass. 

We also offer a full range of customization options including different sizes, shapes, notches, holes, glass thicknesses, or bent glass. Our products are compatible with hardware and framing, including automatic doors, folding doors, manual sliding doors, modular wall systems, and window framing to create your own unique look and feel. Our products also are designed to be energy efficient and reduce the transfer of bacteria and germs.  

Switchable Privacy Glass Manufacturer 

Polytronix has been manufacturing its own proprietary Switchable Privacy Glass since 1988 when we first introduced it at an International Architectural Conference in Los Angeles, California USA. Since then we have sold more than 1 million square feet of our Switchable Privacy Glass around the world! 

We also have a complete line of switchable Privacy Glass for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our manufacturing facility includes state-of-the-art technologies to ensure high quality products are produced at a competitive price. 

We can meet any requirement for your project whether it is standard or custom work. We provide our customers with a wide range of services including product development assistance and technical support along with timely delivery of products on time and within budget. 

It’s like magic! 

Imagine sitting in your living room and being able to change the view from your front door or window from clear to opaque with just the press of button or flip of a switch. 

Switchable Privacy Glass is made from special materials that allow light to pass through normally for clear viewing but can be switched to block out unwanted light and privacy when required. 

This means that you can have full control over who sees into your home or office space at any given time, whether intentionally or not. 

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