Polyvision Glass that Frosts with a Switch

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass is made of two layers of glass with our proprietary switchable coating applied between them. When activated by electricity, the interlayer Polyvision® Film can be switched from opaque to transparent. This allows you to frost your windows with a switch! 

The switchable privacy glass from Polytronix, Inc Film and Glass Division offers a 3-year limited warranty, furthermore, the longevity of the Polyvision Film has been tested indoor to last over fifteen years without any reduction in quality. 

Glass that Frosts with a Switch

Polytronix, Inc. has been the leading brand in manufacturing the switchable privacy film and glass industry since 1986. Polyvision® Film and Glass have the best Visual Light Transmission (VLT), lowest haze, and excellent viewing angle when in comparison to other competitors.  

Divided switchable sections available as PolyBlind® for privacy, one section at a time in a piece of film or glass. You can also opt for patterns or logo finishes on your smart film if you’d like an even more customized look for your space! 

From a modern but practical point of view, a remote can offer an easy and high-tech control mode from a distance. In addition, Polyvision® helps to keep the area cool during the warm weather months by diffusing the sunlight coming through the Polyvision® Panel.  

Polyvision® Switchable Smart Glass is Polytronix, Inc. Film and Glass Division top product that enables you to switch your glass from frosted to clear at the touch of a button. Allowing light in when on and adding privacy when needed. This technology is ideal for any application where privacy is required such as residential, commercial and automotive applications.

Polyvision® Switchable Glass removes the need for high maintenance distracting shutters and drapes that can collect dust and bacteria. Polyvision® Switch Film can be cut to any size and shape. The film is made to order to blend seamlessly in your application. 

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass works in conjunction with our patented film technology to create a crystal clear view when switched on, but when switched off it will automatically frost over 97%. Our Polyvision® film has been rigorously tested to withstand UV radiation exposure, abrasion resistance and impact strength tests.  

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