9 Tips to Avoid Failure In Switchable Privacy Glass

PDLC technology that creates privacy and transparency in Polyvision® is designed to work over its lifetime. This article explores the top ten reasons why Polyvision® switchable privacy glass may fail to operate correctly.  

  1. Uncrating Polyvision® – keeping the crate upright at all times while removing the cover. The crate may be tilted, leaning at 5 -7 degree from vertical. To avoid damage to the Panels, open the lid side first. All perimeter edge blocking should be carefully loosened and removed so that the Panels don’t have to be pried out of the crate. The loose wires from the Panels should never be used for lifting, moving or positioning the Panels. 
  1. Inspect each piece of glass immediately prior to start of installation, never install panels that are improperly sized, have damaged edges, or are scratched, abraded, or deficient in any other matter. 
  1. Failure if not installed properly in an extreme humidity level such as bathrooms, wet-sealed and impervious to moisture with provisions to allow for weeping of condensation that may infiltrate the system. 
  1. Electrical installations for Polyvision® Panels should be completed by a licensed electrician, and in compliance with all coding requirements under applicable state and local laws. Make sure before the installation, that busbars, electrode leads and wires are insulated within the glass panels. 
  1. Polyvision® is installed in frames, recommend to apply no more than 4 ft-lb (torque) of force when tightening screws. For framing with axial alignment should be perfect to prevent cracks and delamination down the road.  
  1. Polytronix Provided Power supply shall only be providing power to up to 60 sqft of Polyvision Panels. If cables get crossed, the voltage regulator can be blown out. 
  1. The installer didn’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions precisely or didn’t install it correctly 
  1. Abrasive cleaners should never be used, particularly when the surface to be cleaned has a reflective coating. Clean the Polyvision® Panels with a mild soap or neutral glass gleaner applied with a soft, clean, grit-free cloth. Always wipe the framing dry.  Never spray directly onto glass. 
  1. Keeping the Polyvision® Panel on all the time, our recommendation is keeping the Polyvision® Panel off 4 hours daily. 

Switchable Privacy Glass

Avoiding these issues can lengthen the lifetime of your Polyvision® Panel. Polyvision® Smart Glass can be a great investment, when President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2021 into law, this added additional new tax credit for dynamic glass. The credit can cover up to 30% of the costs associated with dynamic glass, moving it towards cost parity with traditional glazing and shading solutions. The Dynamic Glass Act was designed to help establish clean energy as a cost-effective option for many Americans.

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