PolyBlind 2.0

What is PolyBlind?

PolyBlind is switchable electronic blinds or shades manufactured with our latest patented technology that divides Polyvision in sections as a blind without visible wires. PolyBlind can be programmed to change the sections that are transparent or opaque.

PolyBlind is the perfect replacement for curtains, blinds, and shutters in the office, study room, bathroom, hotel room, conference room, etc. The top advantage of PolyBlind is blocking image selectively as blinds while maintaining the same benefits as Polyvision.

PolyBlind has multiple, uniquely engineered designs just for you. With similar options to typical window blinds or add uniqueness with chevrons or waves. Just like Polyvision Smart Glass, PolyBlind can provide privacy at a moment’s notice in both interior and exterior applications.

PolyBlind, similar to Polyvision Switchable Privacy Glass, a film is laminated between glass. Laminated glass prevents shattering and keeps the window intact upon impact. PolyBlind Glass meets safety glass standards and can be used in security and hurricane-resistant glass applications.

Polytronix, Inc. Film and Glass Division is dedicating to providing quality products to every customer by focusing on maintaining a strong quality management system. It is important for us not only to meet our customers’ expectations but to exceed them by having skilled technical expertise at our disposal.  We are able to troubleshoot critical situations when necessary, to give advice on framing or smart home systems, and to educate customers on optimum lighting conditions for the lowest haze.

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