Switchable Toughened Smart Glass

Polytronix, Inc, Film and Glass Division, along with our exclusive glass laminators, manufacture the most versatile switchable privacy glass options on the market. Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass transitions from opaque to clear at a flip of a switch, no matter the thickness of glass.  The most commonly purchased switchable privacy glass option is laminated with toughened glass.

What is Toughened Glass?

Toughened Glass is sometimes referred to as tempered glass or safety glass. Glass toughening is a thermal process which increases strength of the glass by heating it above transition temperature and quenching the glass with cold air for a fast cooling rate. This process alters the structure of the glass and results in glass which is 3-5 times stronger on impact resistance.  Due to this process, when the mechanical resistance exceeds the strength of the glass, it will crumble into smaller, more symmetrical pieces as opposed to annealed glass which breaks into large, dangerous shards.  Annealed glass leads to more injuries which is why toughened glass is far superior for safe installations. 

Laminated Glass is also considered safety glass.  Laminated glass is made up of two panes of glass heated together with an interlayer.  When the glass breaks in this application, the pieces of glass remain together as a whole due to the interlayer holding the pieces of glass like an adhesive.  When you combine toughened glass with lamination, it results in the safest glass on the market.  Not only are the pieces of glass broken into granular pieces, they are held together by the adhesive interlayer.  Safety and security combined.

Switchable Toughened Smart Glass has an extremely broad application: for buildings, automobiles, transports, and residential applications.  Some common uses are:

  • Glass Portions of Building Facades
  • Glass Sliding
  • Swinging Doors
  • Glass Partitions for Conference Room or Hospital
  • Rear Projection Screen for Video and Presentations
  • Writing Surfaces for Maximizing Utilization of a Current Install

The uses can be tailored to your needs.  Our standard switchable toughened smart glass is available in thicknesses from 7/16” to 13/16”, and recommended thickness will change with size of your application.  Alternatively, customized glass thicknesses are available on request.  Due to the challenges that arise when combining tempering and lamination together, be sure to call us so we can assist on your project design.

Switchable Toughened Smart Glass

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