Smart Control System for Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass

Polyvision Smart Control System

As technology expands, so does the desire to integrate it into our daily lives and use it to make things simpler and more convenient.  In anticipation of the trend toward smart life innovations, Polytronix, Inc. is introducing smart control technology and preparing to release our latest product. The Smart Control System will be released and on display at the AIA show at GlassBuild 2020 in September.

Smart home technology has been expanding in the past ten years. Once considered a luxury item for the extremely wealthy, smart tech has become more commonplace. When we think of systems like Alexa© or Google Dot©, systems that give us control by voice, it’s amazing! Today, things that may have fallen through the cracks are picked up by simply saying, “Alexa, add milk to the shopping list”, or “Google, play my favorite tunes list”.

These types of control systems are easily connected to anything that runs on electricity. The electrical item acts as a receiver while the control system is the transmitter. In order to connect items, they have to be recently manufactured. Control systems cannot work with older appliances or equipment.

All of the communication between the control systems and the equipment happens through Wi-fi. Wireless networks have been responsible for many of our recent leaps in technology. The Polyvision® Smart Control System for Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass is just another one of the leaps in technology that can improve day to day living.

Smart controls for privacy glass will also bring you energy efficiency savings. The windows will turn from clear to opaque when you give the command. Electric bills can go down when privacy glass is in operation. It blocks sunlight, keeping a room cool efficiently. Imagine being able to control your privacy glass from anywhere in the world!

The current control system of Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass is by switches or sliding controls on a panel. The new Smart Control System will make it possible for you to control your privacy glass from a smart phone, tablet, or even by voice! Imagine being an hour from home, remembering you forgot to switch your glass to privacy mode, and being able to do it from your smart phone!

And it’s not just for homes! Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass is used in many professional settings, such as law offices, business offices, and medical settings. Let’s say you are carrying your laptop, files, and coffee into a conference room and need privacy. All you’d have to do with the new Smart Control System is say the word! Not only will you get instant privacy, but you will impress your co-workers and guests as well!

Or, you could be working in your office and have to take a phone call right away. Rather than having to pull the curtains shut before you get on the call, simply touch a button on your smart phone and the Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass will activate to give you the privacy you need!

Better still, if you are a physician working with a patient and need to perform a procedure, wave your arm to trigger the Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass to give your patient the privacy they deserve.

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