Smart Glass from Polyvision®

Scientifically speaking, innovation glass, or smart glass, can change from opaque to clear when voltage is passed through it. When an electrical current is applied across the film, the color and transparency will change. Our film transforms when voltage is applied, and the liquid crystal modules line up to turn the film from opaque to clear in just 80 milliseconds!

Smart Glass

Liquid crystals are a scientific wonder as they are in a state between liquid and solids. Their position within a substance is subject to the energy passing through it. Switchable liquid crystal films are dark when off and clear when activated. When there is no voltage being applied, the liquid crystals are in a state of chaotic motion, which creates the opacity to provide privacy. Once voltage is applied across the film, the liquid crystals line up, giving you clear glass!

Smart glass can be used with either annealed or tempered glass, as well as other options (contact Polytronix® for details). The glass for an interior wall and/or door is standard at 9/16”, while exterior walls or doors are set at a 1″ Insulating Glass Unit. To activate the film, you need the following power output: 65V AC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 W/ft2. The standard wire leads are 36″ and are installed based on the client’s requirements.

Smart glass is a terrific solution for privacy, partitioning, display advertising, and many other applications. You can control Polyvision® with an ON/OFF switch, dimmer, remote control, motion detector, home automation system, or smart device app. Not only does the Polyvision® film give you room temperature control and reduce the glare of sunlight, the instantaneous switch from clear to opaque offers you privacy in any setting.

The innovative nature of smart glass is highly functional for privacy in multiple settings. But, in the UK, the parliament passed a bill that severely limits the public’s privacy. Did you know that the Open Rights Group used Polyvision’s switchable privacy glass to protest the “Investigatory Powers Bill”? 

In this video, there is a high-tech portable bathroom that is made from Polyvision® Privacy Glass and was placed in London. People entered with the usual expectations.

In a surprising turn of events, the glass enclosure turns from opaque to clear in one second while they prepared to use the toilet. As you can see, their surprise is evident in their expressions.  Meanwhile, people on the street stopped in shock and even took pictures as the unsuspecting people stood and tried to figure out what was happening.

The Open Rights Group (ORG) is a UK-based organization that works to preserve digital rights and freedoms. In this video, they tried to let people know that if the Law of Investigatory Powers Bill passed, their privacy could be exposed. This law gives the UK police and security agencies massive powers to collect, analyze, and look at private communications and Internet use.

Our Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Film and Switchable Privacy Glass is an opaque white smart film, laminated between glass panes, that can be changed, instantly, into a clear glass window. Polyvision Glass® panels provide easily-controllable, when-you-need-it privacy and security in both interior and exterior installations. Polyvision® is an innovative film and glass product that offers unique functionality for creative applications.

Polyvisio Privacy Glass was key to the Open Rights Group presentation and highlighted the quick and clear change that can affect every part of our lives. But don’t worry, we won’t use Polyvision® Privacy Glass for your toilet enclosure!  However, it is great for showers and entries.

Polyvision® Privacy glass shows an opaque surface when you have the power off. In contrast, the glass shows a clear surface with the flip of a switch!

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