About Polytronix® Smart Glass | The History

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Polytronix® Smart Glass

The History

Polyvision® film and glass products are an inspiration to architects and designers all over the world. These specialized products by Polytronix® Smart Glass, which is an Architecture Film & Glass Division of Polytronix, Inc.®, a U.S. Corporation, headquartered and operated in Richardson, Texas.  Polytronix® Smart Glass is the leading innovator in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass for today’s smart glass technology and demands since 1986. The company is constantly and consistently improving their products to ensure that they provide the highest quality on the market.

What is Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Film and Switchable Privacy Glass?

Polyvision® is an innovative product that offers a unique functionality for a variety of creative interior and exterior applications. It is an opaque white smart film, laminated between glass, which can be changed instantly into a clear glass window. It is designed to give the consumer comfort, with easy control and instant privacy in both interior and exterior installations. It provides safety and security, as it is constructed like laminated safety glass, which prevents shattered glass from scattering, even after a severe impact.

Made in America!

Polyvision® Glass has been installed in more than 85 countries.  All Polyvision® products are U.S. made, and manufactured in the company’s Richardson, Texas 100,000 square foot facility, The largest film was manufactured by the company in 2012, and Polyvision® Standard hit the market in 2015 with very low haze on the market to date. In addition, Polyvision® Infinity recently hit the market in September of this year (2018) features a very wide viewing angle with very low haze aimed at catering to the needs of today’s market.

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