Polyvision®: Making Privacy a Priority

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Our Polyvision®  Switchable Privacy Film and Switchable Privacy Glass is a revolutionary new product with consumer’s comfort in mind. What is Polyvision® ?  Simply put, it is an opaque white smart film, laminated between glass.  It can be changed at the flip of a switch into a clear glass window, which provides easily-controllable, when-you-need-it privacy and security, and works in both interior and exterior installations.  The switchable privacy glass also performs great as a rear-projection screen for slideshows as well as a white-board, which maximizes its use for classroom or conference room applications. 

A few key features that make Polyvision® the leading product on the market:

Comfort & Privacy:  Polyvision® is designed to give YOU, the consumer, comfort.  It provides privacy at even a moment’s notice. It can be placed in offices, hospitals, banks, and more.  In addition, this product can eliminate the need for draperies, shutters, and blinds, which can simply be dust collectors in many homes or patient rooms. 

Safety & Security:  This amazing product prevents shattered glass from scattering after a severe impact, leaving the window completely intact.  Polyvision® meets all laminated safety glass standards and can be used in security or hurricane-resistant window applications. 

Daylighting and Temperature Control settings:  Polyvision® can effectively daylight an interior setting, as harsh sunlight can be controlled to reduce glare and spread illumination at comfortable levels, as well as, reduces the transmission of harmful radiation on demand.  Switching Polyvision® to its opaque state during peak sunlight hours helps control the interior temperature of your home or office, and reduce the load on air conditioning systems, at the same time as, lowering energy costs.  Polyvision® privacy glass will completely transform the room or area you are in, and help you make privacy a priority.

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