Turning Simple Glass into the Future of Innovative Privacy

Imagine having privacy at the touch of a button. The revolutionary ability to turn transparent glass to an opaque panel happens with Smart Glass. Polytronix, Inc.® has changed the Innovative Privacy game with Switchable Privacy Glass. From conference rooms to the privacy of your home, this technology is simple and innovative. Turn ordinary windows into walls as smooth as whiteboards. From bathrooms to the boardroom, with the flip of a switch. The applications are endless. Switchable Film and Glass Innovative Privacy can happen in moments. 

Innovative Privacy

Use Innovative Privacy Polyvision as a creative alternative to in-home window treatments. In vehicles the technology can block harsh sunlight, reducing interior heat. At home and in the office, Switchable Privacy Glass will make your residential or business space confidential. Use the technology to display presentations. In the bathroom you can use Smart Glass as a replacement to curtains, allowing daylight to enter the room without prying eyes. The technology allows the glass to change from transparent to translucent in a matter of seconds. 

The benefit of this Innovative Privacy technology allows corporations to save on heating, air-conditioning, and lighting through the simple application of Smart Glass. Replacing the need for expensive motorized light screens, cut back on the maintenance of curtains and blinds, and reduce overall costs. With versatile functionality, anywhere glass has a place, apply Switchable Privacy Glass. 

Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass can turn any window into a wall and clear shower glass into an opaque privacy barrier. Bath Crashers used the applied science on the hit television show. Fast installation and a unique option, what better way to make a lasting impression? 

For commercial use, Smart Glass simultaneously increases privacy and transparency by turning an open conference room into a private meeting space. In a residential setting, Switchable Privacy Glass allows homeowners to choose when and where they want privacy by the flip of a switch. The applications are ideal for clinics and medical offices. Replace curtains and blinds with a glass window that turns into a wall in seconds. With options such as noise reduction, to versatile streamline solutions with limitless possibilities, Switchable Privacy Glass a great way to make a statement.

Switchable Privacy Glass is only limited by your imagination. It will change the way you live. This practical design is an atheistically pleasing alternative to traditional windows, walls, and doors. What a great way to make the most of space by turning something ordinary into something extraordinary with Smart Glass technology.

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