The New Industry Standard

Released in the summer of 2018, Polyvision® Infinity film and glass has become the new industry standard. Polytronix, Inc.® has taken smart glass to a new height with their new Polyvision® Infinity products. 

Smart Glass

What separates Polyvision® Infinity from the rest? First to be addressed is the viewing angle. The viewing angles of Polyvision® Infinity is improved to nearly no visible haze. Both curved and flat Polyvision® Infinity smart glass have excellent clarity at all angles.

This improvement is only the beginning of what sets Polyvision® Infinity apart from the current industry standard. Whether at home or in the office, it is important for smart glass to not only serve as a unique feature, but serve as a functional part of the space. Polyvision® Infinity has a faster switching speed than Polyvision® Standard. With a lower haze and a faster switching speed, Polyvision® Infinity is both visually more clear and creates privacy or opens up a space at the flip of a switch.

Polyvision® Infinity has a lower power consumption at high temperatures, compared to our Polyvision® Standard. Insulated Glass Unit applications and exterior applications are ideal for Polyvision® Infinity. For the Smart Glass Industry, new Polyvision® Infinity film and glass opens the door to new and exciting applications.

Why is Polyvision® Infinity becoming the new industry standard?  Polyvision® Infinity provides outstanding products with high quality and performance that exceeds the current standard. Experienced and knowledgeable technical teams create Polyvision® Infinity right here in the USA and the best after-sales teams provide outstanding customer service. 

Are you interested in Polyvision® Infinity for your next project. Request a sample or quote today?

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