Protect Your Patients and Staff with Polyvision Glass is Essential.

Protect your Patients and Staff with Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass!

When we think of hospitals, we generally think of them as places that are sterile – like, super clean. But are they? How many GERMS are on Hospital Curtains?

Protection is Essential

Bugs, germs, microbes, viruses, and bacteria – all of these nasty critters are on the loose in every hospital. And despite the efforts of maintenance staff and medical professionals, curtains are contaminated on an hourly basis. These contaminants can be airborne, water borne, or passed by touch. So, if you grab a privacy curtain at a hospital, chances are it is contaminated with something.

Every year, the CDC says that Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are “one of the leading causes of unnecessary death and avoidable harm for patients receiving medical care.” These infections are a significant threat to the public as millions of people are infected every year by HAIs in health care settings around the globe.

An HAI can happen in any healthcare delivery setting, whether it be a doctor’s office, clinic, emergency room, or inpatient room. Doctors and other medical professionals can’t always figure out for sure where pathogens come from because patients might be simply carrying the disease, may have been exposed somewhere besides a hospital or doctor’s office, or patients may move between different health care locations. HAIs sometimes don’t even show up until after a person leaves a hospital, or they can show up in people who visited the hospital or staff who had contact with the patient.

Polyvision Glass®

With these very real concerns about contamination – and the liability that comes with it – isn’t it time to invest in Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass? Lives can be saved, and pandemics avoided if more hospitals and other health care settings got rid of microbe absorbing cloth curtains and chose privacy glass instead. Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass is the optimal choice for protecting the lives of everyone in a health care setting.

When you are ready to invest in reducing the risks of contamination, think of Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass. Because the film that changes from clear to opaque is encased between panels of glass, there is virtually 0% chance of contamination while offering patients and physicians the privacy needed!

Energy Efficient Polyvision® Privacy Glass is cost effective and reduces waste from fabric and cleaning that hospital curtains and blinds produce. Because cloth curtains are being contaminated on an almost non-stop basis, they must be laundered and sanitized as often as possible, though most hospitals only do so every two weeks.

You can help keep the environment as germ-free as possible. Don’t risk your patients’ health or your staff members’ lives with infected hospital curtains. Install Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass! Switchable Privacy Glass is an opaque white smart film, laminated between glass, that can be changed, instantly, into a clear glass window. Polyvision® Glass panels provide easily-controllable, when-you-need-it privacy and security in both interior and exterior installations.

Imagine working with a patient who has an extremely contagious disease. Your hospital is on the forefront of not allowing that disease to spread. By replacing cloth hospital curtains with Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass, you can reduce the risk of any disease or superbug getting out of the hospital and into the general public.

And not only does Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass provide comfort and privacy for doctors and patients, it is an added security feature as well! Keep the identities of patients secure with the flip of a switch or a tap on a tablet! These secure glass panels can also be used to secure medications, instruments, and other hospital equipment that thieves might want to get their hands on! Out of sight, out of mind!

Polyvision® Smart Glass Hospital Guide

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