The Best High-Tech and Innovative Skylight Glass

The traditional skylight glass provides natural light into your building, but what kind of skylight do you really prefer?

  • Using green materials for the environment and to save energy?
  • With an electrical switch to open/close instead of manual opening?  Or one that cannot open?
  • Including a privacy function to adjust into transparent or opaque to control the amount of sunlight coming in?
  • Able to change from transparent to be color to reduce infrared radiation and lower energy costs?
  • With integrated LED lights to create a starfield effect or another pattern of your choice?
  • Including smart-control the skylight from your computer or mobile device?

The Best High-Tech and Innovative Skylight Glass

For years, the skylight glass was considered just a piece of glass that allows natural light into a room. However, with the innovation of new technologies, a skylight can also be versatile and captivating part of your home through energy-saving, decorative, and illuminative options.

So, what are the best reasons for building skylights into your space? They are energy efficient, cutting down on the need for electric lights. This also saves money since you are using less electricity. Skylights help bring balanced light to any space, reduce glare from sunlight, and creates a more open atmosphere.

And what if you can open them? While many skylights are only designed to let light in, there are other kinds that can be opened with the push of a button to allow ventilation in your space. Just by the nature of thermodynamics, skylights cool the area below them by drawing the warm air below up through them. This natural air conditioner keeps the environment of any space cool and refreshing!

One of the greatest features of skylights is the safety and privacy they can offer. Buildings are being constructed nearly on top of each other these days. If your office is on the top of a 30-floor building and uses skylights, there is no doubt that your neighbors on the 35th floor can peer directly into your offices through the skylights. With Polyvision® Switchable Glass will give you privacy with the flip of a switch!

Skylight Glass can be also block some of the harmful light coming from the sun to protect your eyes and health. While the glass itself will usually have UV protection, Polyvision® Switchable Glass adds another layer of protection from damaging UV sunlight rays.

Moreover, a skylight could embed customized LED lights, making your space a magnificent piece of art. LEDs can be configured to display bright patterns, waves, pictures, or abstract lines to add interest to the room.

Your new skylight can be configured to adjust from being transparent or opaque as you wish. Finally, all of the functions mentioned above can be controlled by a click on your computer or smart device, such as a phone or tablet, which gives you a technical, modern, and stylish space.

Polytronix can do all of the above to create your modern, stylish skylight. We provide LED PolyMagic and Polyvision® Switchable Glass, which fulfill all your styling and privacy requirements in the skylight.

All products are proudly made in the USA! Our specialty, architectural glass company located in Richardson, Texas, supplies the highest–end optical vision glass. Our thousands of satisfied customers are a reflection of our quality and continue to do business with us.  We hope you will join them in our family of customers. 

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you to have remarkable, innovative skylights, doors, and windows. For more information and inquiry, please visit our website.

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