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Smart Glass Overview

Smart Glass varies its light transmission properties under light, thermal, and electrical influences. Smart Glass has two broad categories: passive and active. The passive subcategory, includes thermochromic and photochromic. The active subcategory, includes electrochromic (EC), suspended particle devices (SPD), and polymer dispersed liquid crystal(PDLC).

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Polyvision® + IGU

What is an IGU?

Insulated Glass Units are made up of two or more lites of glass with an airspace between them. The two lites are separated around the border of the glass by a spacer, which is then sealed together with the lites to create one unit. By having a laminated inboard, an insulated glass unit can also have the functionality and style of Polyvision® Switchable Privacy Glass.

Also known as Insulated Glass or IG units, insulated glass is most commonly used to control heat transfer. The air space in between the lites of glass helps keep heat out in the warmer months and heat in during the cooler months. When a low-e coating is combined with insulated glass, air-to-air heat transmissions are lowered even more.


2022 Exhibits


Polytronix, Inc.® is currently scheduled as Exhibitors at one tradeshow for 2022!  We hope to see you there!

Glassbuild 2022

This year, GlassBuild will be held in Las Vegas at the  Las Vegas Convention Center, October 18th to October 20th.  The World Millwork Alliance (WMA) Annual Convention & Tradeshow will co-locate with GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo, in 2022. 


Alexa + Polytronix® Smart Glass

With the current rise in Smart Home technology, it comes as no surprise that over 39 million Americans have a smart speaker system in their homes. One of the main features of these smart speaker systems is the ability to turn devices on and off with simple voice commands and with the use of the smart phone app.

Polytronix, Inc.®

is taking this technology to the next level by pairing their Smart Glass technology with the Amazon Echo devices. By connecting Polyvision® or PolyMagic LED Smart Glass to an Amazon Smart Plug and syncing it with an Amazon Echo device, Polyvision® or PolyMagic Smart Glass can be turned on and off with a simple voice command, by scheduling on and off times, or by turning it on and off with the Amazon app from anywhere in the world. 



The New Industry Standard

Released in the summer of 2018, Polyvision® Infinity film and glass has become the new industry standard. Polytronix, Inc.® has taken smart glass to a new height with their new Polyvision® Infinity products. 

Smart Glass

What separates Polyvision® Infinity from the rest? First to be addressed is the viewing angle. The viewing angles of Polyvision® Infinity is improved to nearly no visible haze. Both curved and flat Polyvision® Infinity smart glass have excellent clarity at all angles.

This improvement is only the beginning of what sets Polyvision® Infinity apart from the current industry standard. Whether at home or in the office, it is important for smart glass to not only serve as a unique feature, but serve as a functional part of the space. Polyvision® Infinity has a faster switching speed than Polyvision® Standard. With a lower haze and a faster switching speed, Polyvision® Infinity is both visually more clear and creates privacy or opens up a space at the flip of a switch.


Turning Simple Glass into the Future of Innovative Privacy

Imagine having privacy at the touch of a button. The revolutionary ability to turn transparent glass to an opaque panel happens with Smart Glass. Polytronix, Inc.® has changed the Innovative Privacy game with Switchable Privacy Glass. From conference rooms to the privacy of your home, this technology is simple and innovative. Turn ordinary windows into walls as smooth as whiteboards. From bathrooms to the boardroom, with the flip of a switch. The applications are endless. Switchable Film and Glass Innovative Privacy can happen in moments. 

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